Enrich your canine friend throughout the day...
Breakfast, lunch or dinner is now more than just a meal!


My hand-made Snuffleball has over 50 individual pockets where kibble & dog treats can be hidden for your dog to snuffle away to find them.


Your dog's nose was meant to hunt, sniff and snuffle!! 


Top Tip - Snuffling is actually a calming exercise for your dog and it can help them relax if they are stressed or had a stressful event.

A Snuffleball is ...


Designed & finished by hand

High quality material

Cut and shaped to create over 50 pockets

Ready to use on delivery

100% Machine washable

Suitable for kibble & biscuit treats

Canine Enrichment & Snuffling...

My name is Emma and my dog, Jasper, is a very busy fella. He spends the day walking around the house and sticking his nose into everything. We realised that he needs a purpose to do this so that his brain is kept active, hence we created a snuffleball for him. Snuffling can help calm an over-stimulated dog and can help tire them out so that they sleep well at night!!


Now he loves dinner time even more. We simply hide his entire portion of kibble into the Snuffleball and then put it on the floor for him to snuffle! Dinner now takes 20 minutes rather than 2 minutes!!


Did you know that mental exercise will tire your dog way faster than taking them for a brisk long walk? Yep, getting your dog to work the grey matter between their ears will knock them out for a good while, keeping them happy and out of mischief.


The handmade Snuffleballs are not dog toys, but a means to provide your dog with supervised mental stimulation.


Snuffleballs provide enrichment to your dogs lives by giving them something meaningful to do. These activities can alleviate boredom and decrease the likelihood of your dogs developing behavioural issues such as excessive chewing or barking.


Did you know that?....
15 minutes of mental activity is equal to 30 minutes of physical exercise!