How To Use Your Snuffleball


1. Fill your Snuffleball with kibble and / or treats.


2. Carefully place your Snuffleball in front of your dog.


3. Choose a command that tells your dog it is ok to snuffle - try "snuffle"


4. Observe them whilst they find the treat and enjoy their enjoyment!


5. REMOVE the ball immediately when they have found all the kibble or treats.


6. If your dog begins to play with the Snuffleball, or tear and rip it, you must instantly remove it from the dog with a firm "NO".


IMPORTANT, even when trained: Do not leave your dog unsupervised with the Snuffleball. It is designed as a stimulating training aid. When your dog has found all of the kibble/treats, remove the ball immediately and say "good boy/girl".

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